Updated: Feb 12, 2020

If you are reading this post, hi there. You made it. Welcome.

What is Homesy? We are a video production studio who specializes in making brand video and photo content for all things home. Our name is a combination of the words home and cosy and our work reflects our love for all things home—that includes food, drink and brands who aren't necessarily in the home space but consider the home vital to their brand (like healthcare or personal finance, for instance).

As content creators for over ten years with our parent company Shine Creative, we had been generalists for a long time. We made all kinds of great videos for all kinds of brands and after years of swimming in this big sea of sameness with other generalists and vendors, we decided it was time to focus only on the kind of work that utilizes our super powers, passion, and creative talents best and become specialists.

Why the home? Maybe it's because we're older and wiser. Maybe it's because the world seems a little rocky right now, but the home has always been our beginning and our end. Our refuge, our rock and our retreat. It's where we get grounded, charged and creative, so we have always strived to create spaces that will allow for that. Spaces that we want others to come to and always feel warm and welcome. At Homesy it's our job to develop content with brands that will encourage and inspire others to make home happy. To inspire others to dream big and to live better—that is our mission.

Drury Bynum, Jamie Campbell and Kiwi at the happy homesy HQ. A home. Naturally.

As a producer and stylist, I had become known not just for our work on set with styling and design for our clients, but also for the environments we created at the studio and our home. Our quiet dinners, our loud parties, our hospitality. Our collections. Our vibe. These are things we had been cultivating for the past 30 years and I am now seeing with clarity that these things hold tremendous value. These things create emotion. These things connect us deeply and universally. That, in order for us to continue creating our best work, these things would need to be the new foundation for our projects and our life moving forward.

What does this mean in terms of content and the work we produce? We imagine a never ending trove of video stories on home life, on meaningful objects, products, things that make life easier, better. Stories on how to entertain in more interesting ways. How to be better to the earth, kinder to each other and simply how to 'home'. Making quality video for brands is what we've always done, and now as we turn our focus on the home, the content ideas and potential brand partners are nearly limitless. This brings us great joy.

As a husband and wife team, my partner and our Director of Film Drury Bynum and I are incredibly moved by this new direction and path. Our journey as filmmakers and storytellers continues but with a laser like focus that was missing from our former venture. We are not only looking forward to the content we will make with our current and potential brand partners but also the content we will make internally as a team for the Homesy brand.

There are so many stories yet to be told and we are more than ready for this next chapter.


Jamie + Dru @homesy